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General Information:


Patricia Nelson (18th Ward), Chair A dynamic and seasoned organizational operations professional with 27 years of noteworthy achievement and award with the Federal Government. Ms. Nelson holds a federal job position as Workforce Development Specialist at the U.S. Department of Labor. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Board of Governors.


Cynthia Young (18th Ward) – A very committed servant to the 18th Ward. Loves working with people and has worked in the 18th Ward for many years with different organizations. She became a commissioner to make a difference.  


Sr. Dolorine Lopez (17th Ward) – Sister Dolorine Lopez works as a Counselor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Holy Cross Hospital in Marquette Park Community. She served on the Advisory Board of the University of Illinois for 2 years. Her previous professional experiences also include working for the Education Department and for a Title I Government Program for Underprivileged Children. Total teaching and administration experience – 55 years.


Jonas Miglinas (17th Ward) – Mr. Miglinas has been living in the Marquette Park area since 1957. He has worked in family owned electronic repair business for 40 years and took over in 1985. The business is providing service to this day and has been located in the same Marquette Park area since 1968. Miglinas volunteered to be on the Commission of SSA#14. He is concerned about the safety of community and desires to increase business in the area.


Peggie Jones (18th Ward) – Eight years of experience working on behalf of the Mayor of the City of Chicago encompassing public speaking, planning and special projects. Ms. Jones loves her community and to serve in this capacity gives her an opportunity to help in improving safety and well being of SSA#14 area.


Brenda Justice (17th Ward) – Ms. Justice has worked at Illinois Bell since 1966 and retired in 1994. As a former Customer Service Representative, she has great communication skills and can identify and resolve customer complains effectively. She is a resident of the SSA#14 area.

Stephanie Sherman Ratliff (18th Ward) – Ms. Ratliff has been living in this area since 1994. For the past 13 years, she has been in the candle sales business.  In addition, she worked as mail carrier for 8 years.  She became a Commissioner to be more involved in her community and to make sure that the security continues to improve.  Her goal is to ensure that this community remains a safe place to live.


We deeply appreciate the voluntary service to the community provided by each of our Commissioners and look forward to working together on new ways to improve both the quality of our service and the sense of security in the Marquette Park neighborhood. Everybody who wants to be commissioners please complete these forms and send it or drop off at our office.