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General Information:
Security Services


Starting March 2006 till now, the MPSSA#14 established a partnership with a security company the Illinois Homeland Security Services, Inc. (IHS). The contractor company, with its video camera-equipment patrol vehicles and security personnel, made up mostly of retired/off duty policemen, is expected to bring in active street presence so as to deter crimes in the neighborhood, and thereby create a more positive atmosphere for both local businesses and residents.

Illinois Homeland Security Company currently has 23 officers and 14 of them working for MPSSA#14. Half of them are off-duty police officers, who work to provide the best service for Marquette Park area community.

Security dispatch is working during patrol hours. Security dispatch receives calls from Marquette Park residents about suspicious activity, loitering, burglary and other illegal activities.

Security patrol hours change with the season of the year, or as often as MPSSA#14 Commission will request: 149 hours/week during winter hours, and 198 hours/week during summer hours. If funding is available, the patrol hours can be increased to 24/7.

Illinois Homeland security Company currently has 5 vehicles with 2 of them are used daily for patrolling in Marquette Park area. If needed more vehicles are being used. Before security officers start patrolling Marquette Park area all vehicles must be checked. “Vehicle Inspection Report” and “Incident Report” on daily bases are being provided to Lithuanian Human Services.

Vehicles equipped with:

  • Video camera system that will allow assigned officers to record unlawful condition.
  • Two-way radio system that can monitor the Chicago Police, Cook county Police and Illinois state Police.
  • Emergency lighting system and warning system
  • Cages
  • Front and rear strobes, rear deck lights, grill lights and flashing head lights (for use by off-duty police officers only).


Marquette Park SSA#14 security officers assist police, local businesses and residents. Security Officers do their best to attend all local CAPS meetings, track closely the activity in the area and share information with 8th district Police Department.